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Here’s How to turn off Voice Guide on your Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV offers its customers a variety of options to explore the feature. The Voice Guide is one of them that explains everything displayed on your screens, such as menu options, volume levels, channels, and more.

This is an amazing feature no doubt but no one wants their TV to guide loudly what they control in the middle of a movie stream. So if your troubling with such a feature on your Samsung Galaxy smart TV then don’t worry we are here to come up with tips to turn it off.

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If you turn this feature off, your device will not explain, it is just highlighted on the screen. Well, the Voice Guide feature is good but sometimes it seems annoying for some users who are unaware of how to disable this Voice Guide feature, don’t worry here in this article you will find how to turn off the Voice Guide feature on your Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung NEO TV

How to turn off the Voice Guide feature:

  • Turn on Samsung TV and press the menu button on the TV remote control.
  • Then navigate and select the screen sound or sound mode option from the screen menu.
  • With the option selected, scroll to select the broadcast option from the screen.
  • Below that you need to select the audio language option.
  • The selected language is displayed there.
  • Simply select the option to turn off the audio description.

Samsung Old Smart TVs

  • Turn on Samsung smart TV and grab the TV remote control.
  • Now press the Menu / 123 button on the TV remote control.
  • You must use the remote control to navigate and select menu options on the screen.
  • The menu screen should appear on your TV screen.
  • Scroll down and select system options and accessibility in order.
  • You need to select voice guidance in accessibility.
  • Select voice guidance and select the off option.
  • This will turn off voice guidance on your Samsung Smart TV.