Here’s how to connect Galaxy Watch Active with your Samsung Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active comes with customizable watch faces that combine style and sensibility as the beauty stays in simplicity. Everyone has their own approach when it comes to staying active. So whatever your goal might be, there is an expression that will match it.

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This wearable has extremely discreet features that make you comfortable to fastrack the way towards the finish line. With the best-in-class features, you can keep track of your health regularly. Today, we will not talk about any of its features, but I will tell you some simple steps to connect your Galaxy wearable to your new smartphone.

How to connect a Galaxy Watch with your Galaxy smartphone?

  • When you are going to connect your Galaxy Watch Active to your new Mobile phone, Follow the on-screen instructions and reset the Galaxy Watch Active. Make sure that you have backed up any important data that you have stored in it before.


  • On the App Screen,
  • Tap on Settings
  • Jump on Connect to a new phone (Tick the icon)
  • Now, the connection will break, and automatically enter the Bluetooth pairing mode
  • Take your Galaxy smartphone, and launch Galaxy Wearable to connect it to your Galaxy Watch Active
  • If the mobile is already connected to another device, launch Galaxy Wearable on your smartphone and tap on add new device to connect it with a new one.

Connect your Galaxy Watch Active remotely:

  • You are fully eligible to connect your Galaxy Watch Active and Mobile device remotely by using a Samsung Account via the mobile network or with the help of Wi-Fi available near to you. This will allow you to continuously receive notifications from your mobile device.