samsung Galaxy S20 LTE

Here’s how to change Side Key to Power button on your Samsung Galaxy phone

Some Samsung Galaxy models ship with a Samsung Bixby virtual assistant, but the default works from the side button, so if you can’t find the power button on your Galaxy phone, fortunately, you can change the settings, so don’t worry.

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The exact matter is that some Galaxy models don’t have a separate power or Bixby button, they combine to create a side key. One key performs three separate functions: turn off your phone, call Bixby, and open an app.

Here in this article, we guide you to change the button action in some quick steps following are mentioned below:

  • Open the setting app on your phone
  • Then Find the ‘Advanced Features‘ option

  • Now click on the ‘Side Key‘ button

  • You can now adjust the long press and double-tap behavior. Select the “Power off-menu” option if you want the side button to act as a traditional power button when you press and hold it.

Alongside, you can also adjust the operation of pressing the side button twice. Basically, like any other Android phone, the function will instantly launch the camera. You can change this to open Bixby or open installed apps.