Here’s how Samsung Health app is beneficial for you

If you are a Samsung Galaxy owner you must be aware of the application offered by the company to make your day-to-day life easier. Likewise, Samsung’s built-in Health app is also enhancing your life through your handset.

Samsung Health app has all the tracking activities, maybe more than your expectations, it gives you an accurate steps mapping, heart rate, weight, BMI, calories intake, a glass of water, blood sugar, blood pressure, women’s cycle, and sleep tracking.

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It tracks your all-day activities and ensures your health measure are accurate to you. Additionally, along with all these, it gives you a prepared graph of your health tracking, like how your weight has fluctuated over time, same with heart rate and others.

Along with all these Samsung health apps track your exercise like running, walking, biking, swimming, etc. It goes beyond the common activities, through. For example, “running” is not the only basic activity. There are also “Run Coach” and “Treadmill” modes that can provide a guide while running. Similarly, there are “bicycles”, “mountain bikes” and “exercise bikes”.

Track exercises such as running, walking, biking, and swimming with Samsung health apps. It goes beyond general activities, for example, running is not the only basic activity, there is also a “run coach” mode and a “treadmill” mode that can provide a guide while running.

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