Here are some interesting facts about Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra that you should know

The first impressions are important when choosing various factors, as well as how we want to decide which smartphone to choose. In this case, the appearance of the design determines the first impression of the user about the smartphone, and Samsung knows a lot about this.

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In this way, Samsung constantly creates a unique design for each Galaxy smartphone, which has made it possible to raise the level of the design of smartphones. For Samsung, design is more than just a look at the procedure, it determines how comfortable it is to use a smartphone.

Based on this understanding, Samsung is committed to constantly improving the design quality of every Galaxy smartphone so that it not only looks beautiful but also offers the best user experience as in the Galaxy S22.

Galaxy S22 ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22’s innovative screen design

when we are doing certain activities outside the house, it can be very difficult to read messages or pick songs due to strong sunlight. But this time, Vision Booster innovation has created the most comfortable screen to use on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series 5G. This allows the Galaxy S22 Series 5G screen to have a brightness level of up to 1,750 nits.

Furthermore, thanks to the latest screen algorithm, Vision Booster is able to do precise tone mapping to adjust the color contrast on the screen to suit different lighting conditions around the user. This way, when used in the sun, users get not only a brighter screen but also sharper details and clearer colors.

The screen design that the user understands is also emphasized by the Advanced Panel Self Refresh (ASPR) innovation. This allows you to automatically adjust the refresh rate to suit the usage of the Galaxy S22 series screen device.

Maximum details for unique design recognition

The details thus identified are one of the factors that make the Galaxy S22 series unique design recognition and smooth front and rear views. The details on the sides also ensure that this smartphone looks sleek and elegant from any angle. All these confirm the premium price of the Galaxy S22 Series 5G.

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Furthermore, the layout of the Galaxy S22 camera has been redesigned to define the design identity that the Galaxy S Series will retain in the future. The Galaxy S22 5G and S22+ 5G cameras are positioned vertically and horizontally from edge to edge to create a more memorable effect.

samsung Galaxy S22

The cross-section of the camera also uses color to match the device body, which further coordinates the two. The sleek lines running along the edges of the device frame also create a neat look.

For the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G camera, Samsung has introduced a metal frame with a special finish that rotates above the body of the camera device. Bringing harmony between the camera and the body, giving it a completely new look. The result? Elegant design with a camera that is not entirely prominent with color reflections from the device in the unique metal frame of the camera.

Samsung’s innovative structure design for new cooling technology

Samsung has designed the hardware architecture inside the Galaxy S22, making the device cold and water-resistant, thanks to its ability to distribute heat well, including the new cooling system. In this case, Samsung unveiled the thermal interface material (TIM), which is responsible for transmitting heat from one part to another through the presence of Gel-TIM and Nano-TIM.

The Gel-TIM is a thicker thermal paste that can handle heat 3.5x more efficiently. Gel-TIM is made of nano-TIM nano-fibers on top, which is more flexible than chipsets but more resistant to thermal and electromagnetic stress. The improved materials make the nano-Tim more efficient at transmitting heat to other components, such as the steam room (VC), now part of a cooling system known as a thermal spreader.

The Galaxy S22 makes VC is made from exclusive stainless steel, which is strong and thin and can cover a wide area from chipset to battery. This space-free VC device also allows you to stay slim and have a massive battery.

From the VC, heat is transmitted to the graphite sheet, which distributes the heat evenly and quickly. All this, done with thermal management software, provides a more precise cooling system for more comfortable smartphone use without feeling hot in the hands.

One UI 4.1 and exclusive S Pen innovation that enhances the device’s flexibility

Samsung Galaxy S22 series is designed to be very compact. One can see them from the existence of One UI 4.1 which has been defined as the most flexible user interface design by Samsung so far. There are several components that enable One UI 4.1 to enhance the device user experience.

For instance, when frequently used widgets are grouped by Smart Widgets, the list of widgets most accessed by the user is automatically displayed along with the appropriate time and location. Also, since users do not have to open multiple widgets at once to get the widget they want, using the home screen becomes even more effective.

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In addition, One UI 4.1 also provides a whole new experience in turning photos beautiful. The enhanced AI-based Object Eraser detects and removes objects, shadows, and light reflections more efficiently and easily than manually. Users can also remove annoying patterns that often appear when taking a photo on a TV or monitor screen.

Want to be better at speaking English? In One UI 4.1, the Samsung keyboard is integrated with Grammarly, so you can get hints or improvements to your writing without having to change the keyboard version.

The compactness of the Galaxy S22 family is also emphasized by the ability to store the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G’s S Pen in its slim body. The S Pen offers a more enjoyable mobile experience so users can write and draw more realistically on the device’s larger screen.

This is thanks to a 3 times more responsive delay, which is 2.8 ms, allowing users to enjoy an experience like writing a pen on paper. Not only that, but users can also use the Compact Mode in the Air Command menu to open the S Pen button more easily with just a long press.