Thursday, December 1, 2022

Google unveils new and animated emoji for Android devices

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Google recently unveiled the company’s work on emoji that includes support for Unicode 15.0 emoji in AOSP, an animated version of emoji in Android, a colored version of the Noto emoji font, and color-changing emoji on Chrome.

According to the Reports, the company adds Unicode 15.0 emoji to Google’s emoji library and showcases Google’s design for those emojis. Unicode 15.0 brings 31 new emojis which include a wing, a left, and right hand, a jellyfish, a pea pod, a moving face, and more.

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Google says these new emojis are coming to Android devices soon and will be available on Google products early next year. Google Pixel devices may be the first to get these new emojis, however, they will gradually expand to more devices.

In addition, to these Unicode 15.0 emoji, Google is also bringing new animated versions of emoji that are already available on Android devices. There are about 200 animated emoji listed on Google’s website. And, some of these animated emoji are already available in the Google Messages app.

In addition, Google updates the Noto emoji font, an open-source emoji font that can be used online and is currently supported by Chrome and other Google products. This font originally only supported monochrome emoji, now Google is releasing a colored version of the Noto emoji font, to give it a new life.

Now you can change the color of the emoji using emoji kitchen. Thanks to the Noto emoji, customizing and personalizing emotions is becoming more technologically feasible. Lastly, Google is also bringing support for emoji that can change color in Chrome, now you can do some sweet stuff to customize the appearance of colored fonts.

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