Google optimizing problem of saving tab groups in Chrome

Google brought a number of new features to Chrome browser version 101 in April this year, such as adding annotations to desktop save passwords, tab group saving, experimental new download UI, etc.

Since then, you can save a large number of tab pages in the browser as tab groups, which makes its interface more concise and helps improve productivity. However, the tab-saving feature also has a lot of shortcomings, such as being lost when you restart the browser.

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Now, Google has finally introduced the ability to save groups of tabs locally as bookmarks to Chrome Canary. However, at present most users may need to manually enable it on the chrome://flags page:

  • Open chrome://flags/#tab-groups-save from the address bar of the Chrome browser.
  • Set the status of the experimental feature to Enabled.
  • Restart the Chrome browser.

After a reboot, you’ll find an option to “Save Group” when you right-click on a tab group, and when you choose to toggle the save feature, this group of tabs is added to your browser’s bookmarks bar.

In addition to that, you can now choose to close entire groups or individual tabs in the tab bar without losing any information.

At present, this feature is expected to be part of the Chrome v110 version, but some Reddit users speculate that the Chromium team may merge it with version 108 or 109 so that it can appear on more users’ computers as soon as possible.