Samsung Galaxy Find My device

Google bringing Find My Device network feature to Samsung devices

Google seems to provide users with a more satisfactory user experience with the new Find My Device network feature. Recently, the company has revived its December 2022 update page, which shows Apple’s excellent Find My Device network feature making its way to Android devices.

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Google Play System December 2022 update page indicates that Find My Device uses a new “privacy-centric framework” which will make this feature work more seamlessly than before as it also supports sending encrypted last-known-location reports.

Apple’s Find My Device network helps users to track any lost or stolen iPhone, iPad, Mac, or AirTag even when they are not in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth range and powered off. Now interestingly, this very useful feature will soon be available for all Android devices including Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Find My device

Notably, Google was working on the Find My Device network since 2021, but there was not much development noticed on this front since then. But now by the ending of 2022, the company has made it possible for Android users to experience this useful feature.

Users of Galaxy devices will now be able to track their lost or stolen Samsung smartphones even without an internet connection or Bluetooth connectivity just like iPhone users do. So far there is no information available of its availability.