Exploring Samsung One UI 4.1 based Recent

Samsung has upgraded its recent section and has been doing lots of customization since it launched its first user interface. Recent is the section that appears on the One UI 4.1 screen when you up-slide your index finger or a thumb on your Smartphone.

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Recent Tabs includes all the applications that are presently open at your user interface. whether you are doing anything or performing any task with your phone setting, downloading anything from Play Store, or busy doing any kind of job or business-related work on business or utility applications.

With the help of recent you can switch between multiple applications very easily. This eliminates the necessity to use only one application at a time. Only you need to scroll or slide the screen display, left to right or right to left, just by your thumb, singlehandedly. You also have the facility to open apps on a split-screen view that looks fantastic and enables you to view two apps on the same screen, at the same time.

Moreover, you also have the facility to open the application in a pop-up view, which helps you to lead with a one-hand operation. By moving to recent settings, it offers you to show recommended and most used applications at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, now you can add more useful apps to the recent section, such as your Phone Gallery, and enjoy looking at your screenshots, video captures, screen recordings, and more.

Notably, you should take care of all the opened apps, as they use more of your random access memory up to the large extent and slows your smartphone speed, which you can utilize with some other operations. Multiple applications opened at the interface can slow you down. So for this, there is a ‘Close All’ transparent icon, shown on the downside of the recent page, use it.

By taking care of such a small thing you can save lots of battery power, as these apps may be connected through the internet. You might drain your data as well as your battery. Mind it, don’t repeat the same mistakes again. Because this will be helpful in enhancing the longevity of your smartphone.