Everything about Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra ‘Write on Calender’ S Pen feature [One UI 4.1]

 Samsung Galaxy’s first Note model launched in 2011, mobile experts have used the S Pen to write, speak, and highlight on weekdays. However, after the icon’s release, Samsung brought the stylus and other flags, including the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy S21 Ultra, with nowhere to be – nowhere to store the stylus.

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The Samsung S not only offers a 20 Ultra display as a design to hold the S Pen with the Galaxy S22 Ultra,  but it can also be more compatible with pen and paper effects. You can use the remote S Pen to control camera movement, play music and ads, and flip slideshows.

Yet, if you are new to S Pen or have been using S Pen for a long time, you can learn how to write your calendar using the One UI 4.1 S Pen provided by Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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Calendar S Pen feature:

This One UI 4.1 Write Samsung Calendar S Pen is a useful feature for creating quick notes in one day on your Samsung calendar without having to spend time accessing the app to create memories. This is really a text layer on the calendar.

Gratitude for writing on the calendar, you can also share your schedule easily. This smart shortcut opens your calendar for the current month, where you can add notes and share them instantly.

Samsung calendar

Or do you want to share the upcoming availability of the meeting? Remove the S pen, tap the pen icon to open the Air Command menu, and select Write to Calendar. The calendar opens immediately with a set of annotation tools. Circle or block the date, add a note and click Save.

Write to the calendar can be accessed directly when you are in the monthly planner view by tapping the pen icon in the upper right corner of the calendar app. After syncing your schedule quickly, you can return to the day’s events.