SAMSUNG Monitor M8

Deal: Buy Samsung Galaxy Smart Monitor M8 at just $599

Samsung recently introduced its latest lineup Samsung’s new Smart Monitor M8 it is an Ultra Smart and intelligent device that is packed with new features that put users’ smart screens at the heart of their home ecosystem. So if you are planning to purchase it then here is a very great deal waiting for you.

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As per the information, Samsung is providing a huge discount of $100 for 32-inch Smart Monitor M8, for the first time since it is launched. The beginning price of this smart monitor was $730 and later offered to be picked at $630. Now it is available at $599 on Samsung’s online store as well as on the E-commerce website, Amazon US.

Amazon US – Samsung Smart Monitor M8, Samsung online Store

SAMSUNG Monitor M8

Previously, the Smart Monitor was launched on the home grounds in South Korea, the UK, Canada, Mexico, and more. Now it is globally available in most the countries at the online and retail Samsung outlets. Samsung has earlier on the 19th of April 2022 announced that the accumulated sales of its Smart Monitor series surpassed one million devices globally, making it a million-seller.

It provides more cohesive control over their devices and experience in their day-to-day life. The all-new smart hub brings the easy-to-navigate screen, which is powered by Tizen for intuitive use. The screen content section engulfs, your content, and entertainment intelligently classified into three easy to comprehend tabs that are Media, Gaming Hub, and workspace on Samsung smart monitors.