Samsung announces a major update for TV Plus

Connect wireless headphones to your Samsung smart TV, here’s how!

Samsung is equipped with smart devices with the smartest features. Similarly, Samsung smart TVs deliver the kind of content that you are ready to watch. Today we have fetched you amazing tips that you might like.

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Sometimes you want to watch smart TV content in a low voice so that no one gets in the way. Whereas, to create a personal voice room, you can connect headphones to your smartphone, but did you know that this also happens to smart TVs?

Yes! you can connect your Bluetooth headphone with your Samsung Smart TV in just some easy steps. Now turn into your favorite TV shows and movies and connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones to your compatible Samsung TV.

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How to connect Bluetooth Headphones:

  • Using the Samsung remote control, press the Menu button and select Settings
  • Choose Sound
  • Then Sound Output
  • Select Bluetooth Speaker List
  •  Now, switch your audio device to Bluetooth pairing mode
  • Once your Bluetooth device appears, select the device then Pair and connect
  • And your done


  • The setting opting will be different as per the models, sequence, and location
  • Make sure your Bluetooth device is in pairing mode. Contact the manufacturer of your Bluetooth audio device for pairing details.
  • If your TV can’t find your Bluetooth audio device, place the device near your TV and select Update