samsung one ui 4.1 smart widgets

Checkout Samsung One UI 4.1 Smart Widget comparison with Apple iOS 15

Widgets are an essential part of customizing the home screen for every smartphone. Users can access the most important application data and performance, “at a glance” directly from the home screen.

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Users can move widgets in the home screen panels and modify widgets as they wish if supported. Well, in this article we will have an overview of two different operating systems, Samsung One UI 4.1 and Apple iOS 15 widgets.

Samsung One UI 4.1 Smart Widgets

Samsung One UI 4.1 comes with some notable improvements that meet the expectations of the user. Moreover, with the addition of innovative new smart widgets, users can amass up to 7 smart widgets including third-party apps that can be viewed by swiping left or right.

Samsung One UI 4.1 Smart Widgets

Smart Rotation provides relevant and meaningful information by automatically analyzing user contexts and behaviors, as well as displaying very important aggregated gadgets.

In addition, the three glance widgets display the most relevant widgets based on user views, and widgets can be shown or removed automatically. For instance, if you have a calendar event in the next 30 minutes – an upcoming events widget will appear, notifying the event’s user of the time remaining for the event and related details.

Apple iOS 15 Widget

In iOS 15, Apple is pushing smart stocks further with widget instructions, which automatically add and remove widgets to smart stocks based on context. For instance, if the user already has a smart stock containing the weather and reminder widget, iOS 15 can add a calendar widget to the stock if the user has an upcoming meeting.

Apple iOS 15 Widget

Then, after the meeting, iOS 15 removes the widget from the smart stock, moving it back to the user-set-up stock with the weather and reminders. Apple hopes that this new feature, which will be disabled on a per-smart stock basis, will enable users to discover new and useful widgets.

One UI 4.1 vs iOS 15, which one is more suitable!

Undoubtedly, Samsung One UI 4.1 comes with awesome, neat, and detailed Smart Widget features, compared to the Apple iOS 15. Although both operating systems always come with different features, iOS 15 provides features for limited usage for its users. And, I’m very sure, you’ll only love Samsung One UI 4.1.