Samsung self repair services

Check out these best features that Samsung rugged smartphones offer

Samsung caters to all needs, whether it’s for work, study or fun, smartphones are our everyday companions, so it’s only natural that the overall device is tending to falls and other accidents.

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So it is very necessary to have a rugged smartphone to manage the daily routine without any unpleasant surprises or unplanned expenses. Check these three benefits that Samsung can offer you of having a rugged smartphone – whether it’s water resistance or damage resistance.

Samsung self repair services


If this does not happen to you, you know exactly who lost the phone by throwing it in the water or leaving the device in the water. In this situation, there is always a range of tips on how to try to solve the problem.

The waterproof device ensures more safety so you do not have to fall into this accident. Newer Galaxy S22 5G line smartphones with the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra have an IP68 rating which guarantees resistance to spills and is subsequently tested. Immerse in fresh water for 30 minutes up to 1.5 m.

Greater water resistance is not only useful in accidents because this function is very convenient when exercising because it prevents perspiration. That way, you can always avoid the headaches that a wet smartphone can bring you, whether you accidentally drop it in a sink filled with water or use it during physical activity or on a rainy day outside.

The most rugged Galaxy

In addition to stories of smartphones falling into the water (or living with them), there are also reports of screens being broken or shattered, causing damage to devices.

For this reason, in addition to water resistance, the Galaxy S22 5G line of smartphones is the most resistant smartphone Samsung has ever made, as they are made of Armor aluminum, strong aluminum so you can put them anywhere without worry can also be taken.

Smartphones in the S22 5G line were also pre-developed with the new Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+, which has insulating glass on the front and back of the devices to prevent further damage in the event of an accidental fall.

Samsung promises for 4-years of updates

It’s useless if a super resistant smartphone is slow and prone to viruses. Ultimately, durability is not just about the hardware, it is also about keeping the software up to date to provide the best user experience and prevent viruses and malicious attacks.

For this reason, as part of Samsung’s commitment to providing customers with the best mobile performance and experience, the entire Galaxy S22 family will support Android OS updates for up to four generations.

In addition, Samsung is also offering security updates for up to five years to help protect selected Galaxy devices, starting with this generation.

Those updates combined with Samsung’s award-winning Knox security platform provide more secure end-to-end protection for Galaxy devices from potential security threats.