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Check out these amazing Samsung One UI 4.1 features to customize your Galaxy Tab S8

Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S8 5G is a tablet designed to deliver maximum fluidity and versatility in everyday applications. But in addition to exchanging emails, phone calls, and editing documents, creative professionals like illustrators, designers, and audiovisual content producers also need tools to support their work and creativity.

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With that in mind, the new Galaxy Tab S family of devices has all the features needed for this type of operation. Learn more about them below:

Real-time tracking of professional photo and video results

With an 11-inch immersive screen, the Galaxy Tab S8 5G delivers a quick and detailed view of images taken in photo shoots, making it easy for photographers to work indoors and out.

samsung galaxy tab s6

To do so, connect the microSD memory card used in the camera to the Galaxy Tab S8 5G and the photos will be easily accessible for analysis of colors, lighting, and other features, allowing professional photos to be edited or retouched.

In addition, the Galaxy Tab S8 5G has new 4K recording capabilities that can be captured with the rear camera and editable with the S Pen. Content creators can also rely on the LumaFusion editing tool, which will soon be available on the Galaxy Store

Optimize illustration processes

In a unique partnership with Clip Studio Paint, Samsung brings something new to facilitate the creative process for illustrators: the Galaxy Tab S8 turns into a 5G painting canvas, the S pen turns into a brush, and your smartphone into a galaxy color palette, which makes it easy to choose colors and tones for your artwork (photos).

In this way, it is much easier to maintain a color palette without interfering with the canvas on which the art is being created. This feature allows you to customize the tools, select the brush options and make the colors look as clear and realistic as possible. And keep in mind that the S Pen has a pressure level of 4,096, which makes it a powerful ally for creating stunning images.

Ensuring maximum creativity and productivity

As well as a partnership, Samsung and Google have teamed up to provide better usability features. With Google Duo6’s JamBoard5, users can develop creative ideas and assemble their own mood boards (a visual representation of a project with images, text, and sample objects) on Google’s interactive whiteboards.

That way, thanks to the Galaxy Ecosystem features, it is easy to gather all your creative inspirations and suggestions in one place and access them from any Galaxy device, including smartphones and notebooks.