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Check out the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones

Samsung is unveiling smartphones approx 4-8 times more than the Apple iPhones in a year, now you can assume that tracking the latest Samsung smartphone is not an easy task. Along with the midrange phone and the flagship models were also introduced.

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Samsung has around 7 series of smartphone and each bear a dozen of smartphones with different price ranges. Here you can check the newly launched Samsung smartphones. The company discovers the full range of phones at Samsung levant.

Below you can check the latest all the latest smartphones introduced by Samsung so far.

Samsung Galaxy S series:

Samsung Galaxy S series latest model is the Galaxy S22 series which has three models the

  • Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Galaxy S22 Plus
  • Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series:

Recently, the heir of the Z Fold series is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3

samsung phone

Samsung Galaxy Note series:

The last and least successor of the Note series is Samsung Galaxy Note 20 as Samsung declines the shipping of the Note series.

Samsung Galaxy Fan Edition:

The Galaxy S21 FE is the newest model of the Fan edition

Samsung Galaxy A series:

Samsung recently unveiled some Galaxy A series smartphones with amazing features and specifications.

  • Galaxy A73 5G
  • Galaxy A53 5G
  • Galaxy A33 5G

Samsung Galaxy M series:

Samsung Galaxy M series is an affordable device with decent features and an aggressive price rate.

  • Galaxy M53 5G is the latest phone in this series