Samsung One UI 5 Eligible Devices

Check out Samsung One UI 5.0 (Android 13) expected features

At a moment Samsung is delivering its Android 12-based One UI 4.1 update to its eligible devices worldwide and so far the update has not reached every user. But the users have started wondering about the next OS- Android 13-based One UI 5.0.

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With the Android 12 One UI 4.1 Samsung introduced a lot of new features like the RAM Plus. So now we can expect that the company will bring a lot new with the next OS which will be based on the Android 13, to provide users with a seamless and totally outstanding experience.

According to the information, company has started developing the next OS which will be released in early July or August. Further, Android 13 could brings more UI changes and relocates some UI elements. Well its too early to talk about its features, but to maintain the excitement of the users we have the list of the expected features of Android 13.

Samsung One UI 5 Eligible Devices

Samsung Android 13 One UI 5.0 Features

Quick tap to enable Flashlight

One UI 4 has the ability to double-tap gestures to open Assistant, capture screenshots, control media playback, open recent apps, and check notifications. One UI 5 on the other hand will make it possible to enable or disable the flashlight by double-tapping your phone’s back, similar to iOS.

Redesign Audio output picker

The expanded volume bar will let you switch between available output devices such as Bluetooth headphones, or phone speakers. This look identical to One UI 4’s audio output picker but a design refresh here improves stability across the interface.

Improved Material You

Android 12 One UI 4 arrived with Material You Dynamic Color feature that lets you customize your phone with different colors based on your wallpaper. However, it misses the ability to let users set their own color.

The Android 13 One UI 5 Material You still do not have this ability but it now has 16 color options to choose from, thus introducing more flexibility.

Redesigned Notification Icons

Android users have had the ability to silence notifications from the notification panel for years. Currently, you see the same size of Default and your Silent notifications on the lock screen, but in the new generation, it’s getting a different look. The default notifications appear in the same size while the silent notifications are narrower.

App drawer to Taskbar

Samsung Galaxy users will have a new app drawer shortcut to quickly pull up all installed apps. This significantly enhances multi-tasking on the big screen and allows users to access all of their apps without any irritant, even when they are in the app.

However, this app drawer icon only appears when the user is running the app, it disappears when the user returns to the home screen.

Faster Game loading

For gaming lovers who don’t like the long game loading on their phones, the tech giant will be introducing faster game loading. The feature will allow games to convey their current functional state to the operating system and the OS will further reduce the load times through power management and CPU.

Easy QR code scanning

QR codes are everywhere now. Although Samsung already provides easy QR code scanning through the phone’s camera, it will become easier with future upgrades. Users will be able to scan it right from the lock screen of their phones.

Control Smart home devices from Lock screen

The next-gen Android will make control Smart home devices from the lock screen without having to unlock their phones possible. The feature will be disabled by default and you can enable it from the Settings.

Edit Text from Clipboard

Similar to screenshots, One UI 5 will add a pencil icon to edit the content when you cut or copy text so that you can easily paste the text from the clipboard and add/remove content to it. On the other hand, when you copy a number or a link, it will show you options to call/message and open the link.

Themed icons for third-party apps

Google apps icons get the theme support with Android 12 One UI 4 update. While with Android 13 One UI 5, it is expected that the company will bring theme support for non-Samsung and Google applications as well.

Weekly View in Privacy Dashboard

Samsung users only have the option to view the permission log for the camera, microphone, and location for only the last 24 hours. However, the new version might have the ability to show the whole week’s permission logs.

All-new Photo picker

The new photo picker provides more controls over the files that can be accessed by different apps. There are also new categories for Files and media, Photos & videos, and Music & audio.

It will allow you to select specific files to share with different apps, as opposed to an all-or-nothing approach.

New Clipboard Popup

Samsung One UI 5.0 new clipboard popup will provide more context about what you copied and allow you to edit it with ease. For the image content, the pop-up shows a tiny image preview, and if it’s text, it displays the first few words.

Dynamic Theming for Media controls

Android 12 One UI 4 Dynamic theming applies your chosen color palette to all Samsung apps, Google apps, Quick settings, and others. Meanwhile, with Android 13 One UI 5, these changes will also be applied to media controls to go along with the awesome squiggly playback line.

Smart Home Controller

Samsung One UI 4.1 Lock Screen Settings doesn’t have any option to let you control your smart home products on the lock screen. Meanwhile Android 13 One UI 5.0 will come with a toggle to enable a feature named “Control from locked device”. When enabled, it will give you access to some device controls on the lock screen.

Notification permission

One UI 5.0 will bring a major and useful feature to your Galaxy device which is Notification permission. In order to send you notifications, apps will need you to give them your permission and you can say ‘no’ if you don’t want a particular app to send notification.

Redesigned Media control

Android 12 One UI 4 Dynamic theming applies your chosen color palette to all Samsung apps, Google apps, Quick settings, and others. Meanwhile, with Android 13 One UI 5, these changes will also be applied to media controls to go along with the awesome squiggly playback line

Edit Text Feature

Although there’s no report of the arrival of this feature, nor does the Android 13 give its glimpse, it’s expected that Samsung might add an edit text feature for its stock messaging application. This feature is introduced with iOS 16 recently.

There are a bunch of new features that we have mentioned above. Many of these will be the ones you would like to have on your phone and many others that you would think there was no need for it. So which is the feature that you liked the most or did not like, do tell us through the comments section.

Further, we have covered the list of Samsung One UI 5 features on the basis of leaks and Android 13 beta 1 and Beta 2. And, at this moment, we can not surely say that all of these features will come to your Galaxy phone, some might be missed. Well, we are still months away from the One UI 5.0 beta, we could see more exciting features shortly.