Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Check available storage in your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4


Samsung unveiled the successor of Galaxy Z Fold 3, namely the Galaxy Z Fold 4 which arrived pre-packed with Android 12L-based One UI 4.1.1. This foldable has a great number of features, functions, and capabilities including an extra 1TB storage variant.

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One of the reasons to purchase a Galaxy Z Fold 4 over Fold 3 can be its extra 1TB storage variant because nowadays our smartphone has become one solution for our several needs, and most of the work is being done on the phone itself which needs effective storage to hold our hefty stuff.

At the time of purchasing any smartphone, one of the primary things that click to our mind is its storage because to run a smartphone effectively storage capacity of the device plays a vital role, and to give users an unbreakable experience company offered the Fold 4 with three storage variant including 256GB, 512GB and a 1TB storage.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 storage
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 storage

One of the reasons for the slow running of your device could be the storage, the deficiency in the storage capacity could lead your phone to get inferior rapidly. Purchasing a flagship smartphone and finding these types of problems are very annoying.

So to take care of our devices in an effective way one should check the remaining capacity of their device storage and should manage them. As we use to gather much rubbish. For example, we take a number of selfies in a single pose and among them, only one is applicable to us and the rest lead to full of storage.

In the Galaxy Z Fold 4, there are several categories that shows which your phone’s which app is obtaining how much storages. Here we will tell you, how to view your storage capacity and detailed usage in your Galaxy device

How to check storage in your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

  • Navigate to the Settings of your phone.
  • Tap Battery and device care.
  • Hit the Storage option.
  • Tap a category to view.
  • Now manage files.

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