Bespoke 2022 will take your Samsung Experience to the next level

Since the company has formed its core principle from that time Samsung Electronics is the world’s most experienced company in terms of making home appliances and electronic products. The Bespoke products have enriched Samsung’s ways to design everything with a unique and creative approach.

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Bespoke product gives the user a sense of freedom and individuality. The series of products have brought customization to the next level that reflects every single personality. Because you can choose the color of your products according to your style.

Moreover, Samsung has many world-famous designers and artists that have a broad vision to prepare the original and highlight bespoke appliances that are wonder spec and adaptable to nature.

Bespoke home appliances have ventured outside Korea for the Bespoke design language by infusing their own artistic style. Global inspiration comes in the form of cultural representation. Samsung America has already introduced a door flex design for refrigerators in America.


Samsung Bespoke products are made by the users and for the users. There are many other examples such as Samsung taking the trendy streets of Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea that were ultimately designed by the celebrities and performers.

Let us talk about an example where Bespoke refrigerator panels were designed by using the picture of the graffiti artist Artime Joe on the street. There are many other examples that have included many scenic views from all around Korea.

Samsung always tries to take its concepts and innovative ideas from the global design concept from various design competitions and contests that have been soulfully and solely organized by Samsung all around the year.

Samsung is always very keen on appreciating the top designers. The winning design is always displayed at the Samsung K.X space in London throughout the year. The company always designs products beyond the possibilities of home decor.