Android 12L custom ROMs are available to download from Descendant and Pixel Experience

Google released the Android 12L build for its Pixel devices last week. After knowing its features and functionality, you may want to use it on your phone as well, whether it is Samsung One UI, Xiaomi MIUI or other Android devices.

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While the US company will take more time to release the Android 12L for non-Pixel devices, Descendant and Pixel Experience project maintainers are here with these builds for your Android smartphone (via XDA Developers).

Descendant Android 12L

Descendant is a different take on Android that aims to remold Google’s Android AOSP experience with multiple unique features. In late 2021, the Descendant developers delivered the first Android 12-based official builds and kept updating them until February this year.


Now after a short break, the team has again appeared with Android 12L-based Descendant 12.1, which brings various bug fixes as well as multiple new features and functionalities for your Android device.

Aside from bringing the April 2022 security patch, one of the most prominent changes that you will notice in these builds is Descendant recovery, it’s a tailor-made minimalistic custom recovery, which is now available for most of the supported devices.

Other than this, the Face Unlock is now integrated into the ROM, and the weather app has been added with feed support. The Quick Settings panel, fingerprint processes, Gestures Magic operativity, and more have been improved as well.

You can check the complete changelog below to know more about the builds.


Bug fixes

  • Solved an issue that was causing a collision between Sony’s styled clock and the weather
  • Solved an issue that was causing wrong scaling for vibration icon in volume bar
  • Solved an issue that was preventing Sony’s styled clock from correctly updating time
  • Solved a typo in Settings for the word “lock screen” in the English localization


  • Improved fingerprint processes haptic feedback
  • Improved Gestures Magic operativity on a clean install
  • Improved the amount of available apps tinted icon for the launcher

Interface changes

  • Brightness bar transition from unexpanded Quick Settings Panel to fully expanded Quick
  • The settings panel has been improved

New features

  • Face Unlock has been added
  • Fullscreen gestures, added in : Settings > System > Gestures > System navigation > Gesture navigation (gear icon)
  • What’s new can now check and notify for Descendant system updates
  • A weather app has been added and will feed weather info to the system and users

Security patches level

  • April 2022

Download Descendant 12.1 based on Android 12L

Pixel Experience Android 12L

Pixel Experience is an Android AOSP-based ROM, which includes Google apps and all the Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpaper, icons, fonts, boot animation, etc.). This too has also released the Android 12-based build in December last year.

Since its users were demanding a separate  ‘Plus’ variant with added some new features, the developers are ready to provide Pixel Experience Plus. It comes with the April 2022 security patch, Hide Notch support, StatusBar shortcuts, Network Traffic monitor, and more.

The complete changelog is as follows.


Vanilla version

  • April security patch
  • Fixed charging animation not appearing
  • Fixed unlock sound playing repeatedly
  • Updated translations
  • Others fixes

Plus version

  • LiveDisplay (color profile, display mode, reading mode, color calibration)
  • Hide Notch support
  • StatusBar shortcuts
  • Rotation settings
  • Lock screen display (media cover, music visualizer, power menu)
  • Per-app volume settings
  • Increasing ring volume
  • Different gestures
  • Power and Volume button customizations
  • Network traffic monitor
  • Brightness (brightness slider, auto-brightness, brightness control)
  • Quick settings (quick pulldown, title visibility, vibrate on touch, rows, columns)

Download Pixel Experience 12 and 12 Plus based on Android 12L