Amazon US offering Samsung’s lighting fast 256GB microSD card for just $34.99

Amazon US offering Samsung’s amazing and lighting fast 256GB microSD card for just at 34.99 US dollars, which was originally launched at 55 US dollars. Breathtakingly reduced to 45 US dollars and now offered at such a low price.

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The 256GB microSD is trending again, this is the all-time low offering by Amazon. Samsung‘s new U3 Class10 microSD has a transfer speed of 160MB/s, which can record a 4k recording from the action camera, Drone, or a DSLR.

Amazon US

The card is totally waterproof and can withstand any kind of crash or accident. It comes along with the MicroSD adapter. If you want to improve the read-write speed you can go with Samsung’s latest card.

Previously Canon was also spotted providing such selling offers while discounting its popular DSLRs and lenses

Features of Samsung Pro Plus microSD?

  • Makes the 4K video.
  • Compatible with phones and drones.
  • Play for more with high intensified gaming.
  • More read and write speed than its predecessor. from 100 MB/s to 160 MB/s

U3 is built for high-performance operations, especially for gaming. So if you are a gaming enthusiast, you can go for it. Else you can settle with the latest Samsung EVO cards. They are also not bad for normal operations.