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4 Types of Android Apps You Should Delete

Every smartphone we buy comes with a number of pre-installed apps, some of which are useful and others that are not. When a new device is received, we download a number of third-party applications for payments and social media.

However, have you ever wondered about the apps that are pre-installed on your phone, some of which are not secure enough to be left there even though they are useful?

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Your phone may have tons of apps over time, some of which you use regularly while many others take up space in your apps column and stay there. In this post, we will examine 4 types of Android apps that you should remove from your device in order to improve its security and clean storage.

Bloatware Apps

You should also remove any pre-installed apps that you don’t use, even though some of them may be useful. The amount of bloatware varies between different Android skins; Some phones have less bloatware, while others have more. You can also forcefully stop apps that cannot be uninstalled on your mobile phone as it is part of Android.

Apps that are built-in

Earlier versions of Android didn’t have many apps, so we had to download things like a flashlight, QR code scanner, and screen recorder from other sources. However, Android now comes with these kinds of apps and functionality pre-installed on your phone. That’s why you can remove applications that do the same thing as built-in Android applications.

Outdated apps

You may have too many old applications on your phone. Since we have updated applications that do the same thing, you can remove them. For example, there is no need to download other programs that are similar to Google applications such as Sheets, Notes, etc. as they are as productive and updated as Google applications.

Booster apps

You must have seen many ads for apps that increase productivity and storage, and as a result, many users downloaded those apps. However, we must warn you that these phone-damaging booster and optimizer apps, despite their many positive promises, are harmful. Since your Android phone already has many capabilities, such as battery saver, etc., these apps are useless.

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